Wednesday, May 13, 2009

“Wild” Weekend

As in “Wildlife”, that is. Fought my way through the week with a bad sinus infection and a trip to the doctor and made it to Saturday. Well, most of Saturday anyway, I was asleep for most of it. The afternoon and Sunday were kind of Marlin Perkins territory…You remember “Wild Kingdom” on Sunday nights just before Disney right? Poor “Jim” running from everything Marlin thought was a good idea to film or chase. Anyway, we were in wild mode and I damn near bust a gut over a wren…


Saturday afternoon:

  • Deer and wife have close encounter by garage- both stare each other down to a draw. '
  • We sit on the deck and watch a mother squirrel move her family from the birthing suite next door (fir tree) to one of our pines out behind the house. She built a nest like a penthouse and put a plastic bag on top…No kidding.
  • Son walks by wreath near front door with nest of mother Carolina Wren who decides he is public enemy #1 and chases him down the driveway and around cars. Picture this; 15 year old- 6 foot tall, 210 lbs being chased by a half ounce ball of feathers looking like a F-16 on afterburners…you’d almost die laughing also. Note: she flew back to nest by me and never even gave me a glance…


  • Chipmunk, Dove, Blue jay and Squirrel hang out next to each other like it’s the great American buffet under the feeders. Normally none of these would come with 10 yards of each other.
  • Notice that our Hummingbirds are back at the feeder.
  • I make a really nice picnic buffet for our 3 Moms and everyone has a great time. Happy Mothers’ Day all!

Monday Morning:

  • Up early, make coffee. Wife and I are up and see that the Hummingbirds are right by the feeder and front window bayberry tree.
  • Breakfast with the Hummingbirds for a half hour. The birds hit the nectar and then sat within a foot of us in the bayberry tree looking at us..
  • Oh well, back to work…I’m off to western New York until Thursday afternoon. I’ll have some travel stuff this weekend for y’all.


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