Monday, January 28, 2008

Feathered Friends

No matter where you live every season you have  feathered friends that come to the feeder and with the change of seasons the clientele differs. Being closer to the Canadian border we are lucky enough to see some varieties of birds from as far away as Alaska

0607 004

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in one of our feeders

as they travel their flyways to winter and summer homes. The Adirondacks and other upstate forests are a boreal haven for breeding pairs. Orioles, Hummingbirds, Rose-Breasted, Pine Grosbeaks and Redpoll are some of the seasonal visitors that add a little color. I've gotta say that my favorite is the Hummingbirds. Very territorial of their feeders and they are like little dogfighters if any other bird gets near their food source. I've had them buzz me when I'm restocking the sugar water.

Some of the other "usual suspects" are the Wrens, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Sapsuckers and Robins who tend to stay around all seasons. Some of the more interesting birds aren't the ones you'd think would be hanging out by the feeder and water cooler. I've had Turkeys, Crows and Hawks pecking around the feeders from time to time. Strangest visitor was a six-point buck who adored the tender shoots that sprung up from the overflow of thistle that hit the ground and grew as a result of the feeding frenzy. Apparently he also liked our Blueberry bushes..

The Times Union ran a nice piece by Dan Howley called "All Aflutter" today, make sure you check out the great info Dan put out there. Soon as I get time, fishin' pictures!!! Pike, Trout and Bass that'll get your juices flowing to get the boat back outta storage....


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