Thursday, August 15, 2019

Lets stop the nonsense...Dems just concede now...

Seriously, the demoncratic party should be smart enough to just realize they are shills for a bunch of socialist leftist morons that have taken over the party. Just concede the 2020 Presidential race and get a hold of yourselves....America at the polls will not let you do the unimaginable. Socialism....

There is no "democratic socialism".. Ask any citizen of any country that suffered socialism. It is the death knell of any economy and the enslavement of a country. Your push to rip up the constitution, abrogate families, enable illegal immigration is what is fueling the crazies to take shots at people. Fact is, these crazies would have used trucks, cars, knives or whatever they thought would work even if guns weren't available. Remember the guy who used a home depot truck in NYC?

Want to stop the shooting, the murder, and the atrocities? Bring back the family core. Make people responsible for raising their children. I really don't care if you have two mommy's or daddy's, just make the parents act like parents and parent their children. Guns never jumped up and killed anyone. Screwdrivers, knives, cars, gang-bangers and drunk significant others kill more people and children than gun owners.

I lose my mind when I hear the democrats scream "gun control"... It's not the's the identity politics, social media and news naming these morons when they do this crap. Ever notice mass shootings only occurs when someone shoots up someplace and the news names them? Don't do it.... The policy should be this...No, not ever shall we speak their names.

Now the other way to solve this is simple. Do away with gun free zones. Enable the 2nd amendment legal carriers to carry without repercussion. Carry concealed folks, keep it hidden, not out of fear of being confronted but to surprise the next moron who wants to make history and then take them out.

No shooter would try to commit mass killings if they knew that there would be armed, unknown and unseen citizens protecting their families and friends.

Last is the acid test. If a liberal was given a bible, a gun or a access to a shrink in the face of immediate death to their families from a crazed killer...what would they choose?


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