Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Hampshire Weekender

The Upstate Bear took a powder from the daily grind and had an awesome time in New Hampshire this weekend! Friday was a fantastic ride where my navigator, Morl, kinda got us there in a round about way after consulting the atlas and reading the star map. That evening four of us went to the Covered Wagon Farm Table where we got the chicken wings and Cowboy chips as an appetizer and then went on to try the salad fare and some burgers. Awesome service, great fare and very reasonably priced, GO THERE!!!

Next morning we did the White Mountain Range tour with guides Corey and Lisette. They gave us the 411 on the history of the area and all the major mountains from the Presidential group to the Franconia Range. We finished with a lunch at BigDaves (pssst... get the Boston 3 way) and headed back to Thornton for the night.

Sunday morning it was pack the car, get my navigator oriented with the road atlas, black coffee and back to upstate NY. BUT not before stopping in at Annies OverFlow Restaurant in Plymouth. Always awesome service with smiles and unbelievable breakfast cuisine. (PSSSSTTTTT....Biscuits and sausage gravy with home fries) Then you can hit the gym for 8 hours..... Ahhhh....dang...back to the grind on Monday.... TK out....

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