Sunday, December 31, 2017

I'm done trying to be a Microsoft fan....

Dear Microsoft;
I'm done trying to be a Microsoft fan. I've always been a Microsoft guy. From DOS 6.22 to Windows 1.0 ( I've got an original sealed box) and to Windows X. Even through Millenium and BOB....

I give up. You started to get it right when you came up Microsoft mice, joysticks, keyboards and the Gaming Zone and then with the Zune. Go ahead everyone and laugh but there a tons of those units still out there working and they are getting big money on Ebay and Amazon still because they were amazing little units. You blew it when you tried to be into the social media crap. Just build great hardware with an intuitive GUI and you'll rock the world, which btw you had with the Zune and the Windows phone.

When you entered the smartphone market with Windows mobile and then you bought the NOKIA phone division, I thought "Awesome, they're catching on", and you made a great bunch of phones with amazing abilities and then caved in because there weren't enough Apple/Android type apps available to compete with Apple and Android. Seriously now, how many fart machine apps does one system need? You had all the important apps and you could've licensed the ones that were trending, but no, you folded.

I'm tired of looking to you to support what was working and now you're not interested anymore.
Please get a CEO from this planet and divert your abilities to solid, glitch-free hardware and software. Apple should have died a long time ago with all it's glitches, Genius-free stores and the whole "We're better and can charge more for atrocious hardware and software because we came up with the IPod and IPad". Great products in theory but glitchy at best. You've always had so much better talent. You just didn't know how to use them and when to hang on for the long haul.

Zune's gone but I still take it to the gym everyday and it is still rockin' the Eagles in amazing sound. I'm still using my Windows 10 phone and it just works seamlessly. You're not getting it. Don't try to be the trend setter, be the company that just plain works when you need it as you need it. Duh...

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